Title: Health Sciences Research Data Center
Role: Systems Architect/Data Manager/HIPAA Security Officer
Purpose: Build secure datacenter for large health research datasets.
Technlogy: Fibre Channel SAN, Blade Servers, 10 GBE
Software: VMWare Vsphere and View, SQL Server, Stata, SAS
Title: Classroom of the Future
Role: Producer and Technologist
Purpose: Determine classroom tech over next 30 years and build it.
Programming: Flash, Panda 3D, Visual Studio
Target Audience: School decision makers
Title: Director of Information Technology/HIPAA Security Officer
  • Project manager for new health information system implementation
  • Uprgraded hospital infrastructure from 2 servers to 13 (physical and virtual)
  • Upgraded network from a 10 Mb Hub to a gigabit switched with fiber backbone supporting offsite offices with VPN access
  • Implemented IBM bladecenter and SAN with fibre channel connections
  • Wrote HIPAA security policies and procedures
  • Implemented Active Directory
  • Migrated from sendmail to Exchange Server 2007